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Do I need to be fluent in English to apply through MAXinternship?

You need to understand English and be able to speak and write it properly.
Fluent is almost bilingual so you don’t have to be fluent but you need to have an intermediate level.

In what fields of study can MAXinternship find me a position?

MAXinternship can help you to find a position abroad in each field of study. It is important for us to know the requirements of your study and your personal wishes so we can make the perfect match and find you the best internship.

Can I do an internship together with a friend?

Yes, it is possible to do your internship with a friend together. Please inform the name(s) of your friend(s) at the comments field when you fill in the application form. We will then do our best to place you and your friend(s) in the same company.

What is the best time frame to apply for an internship through MAXinternship?

The sooner you apply, the better. It depends on your qualification and experience. Usually it can happen within 2–3 weeks if you respond well to our needs. But more time is always prefferable, the sooner you apply the more chance we have on arranging the perfect internship for you.

When can I start with my internship?

You are always welcome. MAXinternship offers positions all year round. It is important to apply in time so we have sufficient time to arrange everything.

Can MAXinternship guarantee me a position when I apply?

We can't give 100% guarantee, but we will do our best to find all students a matching internship placement abroad.

Are there any fees attached to the service of MAXinternship, and how much?

MAXinternship charges a one time fee of 250 euros.

When do I have to pay the fees, and how?

Mediation fee are to be paid only when you agree to the internship that MAXinternship offered to you, by bank transfer. You will be given two full weeks to officially agree with the internship offered. 

When should I book my flight tickets?

After the duration and dates of the internship are set and after you have officially agreed to the internship offered.

What if it doesn't work out with my internship, can you find me another placement?

It depends on each case, but if it is necessary, we will do our best to find you another placement.


What if I can't stay at my internship because of personal reasons (home sick, sickness, etc.). Would it be possible to get a refund?

MAXinternship does not offer any refund for leaving your internship due to personal reasons. If you decide to leave, please always talk about this with your host company and leave them in a good matter.

Is it possible to have a part time job when I am doing my internship abroad?

It all depends on where you are doing your internship abroad. In most cases you could, but please think this through as working while doing a full time internship can be very hard and might have bad impact on the results of your internship.

How do I know if my insurance agency covers me the whole period abroad?

In most cases you are covered abroad. When you are not sure about this, please contact your insurance agency. Students from outside of Europe will need to take a Travel & Medical insurance which will cover you for the entire duration of your internship.

Are there any paid positions abroad?

Most internships abroad are unpaid but in almost all of our internship companies you will receive some sort of compensation, usually this concist of free shared accommodation, meals 3x per day and even some monetary compensation. In some companies you will receive up to 250 euros per month aside from the aforementioned compensations. In some you won't receive any monetary compensation but a compensation for your flight tickets up to a certain amount.

Many universities provides some sort of scholarship funding for their students if they decide to do their internship abroad. Please talk to your internship supersivor or the international office of your university about the possibilities to get a scholarship like Erasmus+, Leonardo Davinci, DUO, etc. 

Could family or friends visit me during my internship?

Yes, ofcourse they are welcome to visit you. You can even talk to your supervisor or the management of the hotel and maybe get a special price for your visitors, if they would like to stay at your internship placement. But please arrange your days off prior in time with your supervisor if you could save extra days off so you could spend more time with your visitors.